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The VIP Customer Program is your chance to earn shopping credits on your purchases while getting access to exclusive product and perks!

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Pay $35 and get $15 $25 in VIP Credit when you sign up before December 31.

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Earn 15% spending credit of retail amount paid

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Get a free Stamp of the Month with qualifying purchase

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Get $15 VIP Credit when you sign up

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Sign up for the VIP Customer Program on a Maker’s website or on After completing the sign-up form and paying the sign-up fee, your VIP membership will be active! When signing up on a Maker’s website, you will automatically be affiliated with that Maker; when signing up on, you will have the option to select your Maker affiliation.

  2. No, Makers cannot sign up as VIP Customers. An Enthusiast who does not meet their minimum sales requirement for a given quarter will automatically be transitioned to a VIP Customer in the following quarter. Enthusiasts who become VIPs in this way will automatically be affiliated to their Upline. Makers who sign up to be VIPs at the same time that they are Makers will be subject to termination.

  3. Yes. You can cancel your VIP membership in the account settings section of your account. Any VIP Credits in your account will expire upon cancellation. VIP Credits cannot be transferred to a new VIP membership.

  4. You will only receive a refund if you cancel within 14 business days of signing up.

  5. As a VIP, when you place an order of at least $50, you will be able to add the current Stamp of the Month set to your order for FREE! The qualifying order total must be reached on a single order.

  6. No, you may only receive one free Stamp of the Month set each month. After redeeming a free Stamp of the Month set, however, VIP’s can qualify for and redeem additional Stamp of the Month sets at the $5 discounted price according to the normal program rules. For example, if you reach $100 on your first order of the month, you can receive one Stamp of the Month set free and a second at the discounted price. There is no limit to the number of discounted Stamp of the Month sets you can qualify for beyond your one free set.

  7. As long as you retain an active VIP membership, your credits will not expire. If you do not renew your membership, there is a 30-day grace period during which you may redeem any unused credits. If you cancel your VIP membership directly, your VIP Credits will expire at the time of cancellation.

  8. Yes, you can save up your VIP Credits.

  9. VIP Credits can be used to purchase most products, however there are a few exceptions. The following items cannot be purchased using VIP Credits:

    • Craft with Heart™ Subscriptions
    • Annual VIP Customer Renewals
    • purchases
    • Maker Enrollment
    • Discounted products (including specials and clearance items)

    In addition, VIP Credits cannot be applied toward tax, shipping or Operation Smile™ donations.

  10. When placing an order on the Maker’s website, VIPs will have the option to apply VIP Credits on the shopping cart page. After adding items to your cart, you can choose how many credits to apply before checking out.

  11. Yes, your VIP Customer memberships renew automatically each year on the first day of the month following your sign-up date. For example, if you signed up November 1, 2020, you will renew on December 1, 2021.

  12. You can view this on your Maker’s website under the “VIP Membership Renewal” section of the Account page.

  13. The VIP Customer renewal fee is $35.

  14. If your card cannot be charged when your account is up for automatic renewal, you will be notified that the account failed to renew. You will have 30 days to resolve the billing issue before your membership is canceled and you lose any earned credits. As long as you renew within this 30-day window, you will be able to keep your earned credits. Renewing in the 30-day window following a failed payment will not alter your next annual renewal date.

  15. If you do not resolve your billing issue within 30 days of your renewal date, your VIP membership will be canceled and you will lose any unused VIP credits. You may then sign up again as early as the next day.

  16. You can cancel your VIP membership for a full refund within 14 business days of your account renewal.

  17. You can only change your Maker affiliation within the first 30 days of affiliating. After this window, if you wish to become affiliated with a different Maker, you must first cancel your VIP membership and then sign up again with a new Maker affiliation.

  18. As a VIP, you will only get your VIP benefits, including the ability to earn or redeem VIP Credits, when ordering through the CTMH Maker with whom you are affiliated.

  19. You can place orders on another Maker’s website, but you will not receive any VIP benefits, including the ability to earn or redeem VIP Credits.

  20. If you are affiliated with a Maker who becomes inactive, you will retain your VIP benefits. When placing orders, you will be prompted to affiliate with another Close To My Heart Maker during the ordering process.